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20 Plum Hair Color Look Inspirations To Try In 2019

plum hair color

Go bold or go home is our motto for 2019. It’s time to get rid of your dark brown or dirty blonde hair and try something entirely new. We’re talking plum hair color!

Plum hair color blends blue and red hues to create an extremely versatile shade. Whether you’re looking for a striking color that leans red or a more subtle bluish shade, you’re guaranteed to find a look that suits you.

If you're planning on going bright plum, keep in mind that your stylist may use bleach to lift your natural base color before going in with purple. While bleach will always cause damage, your stylist will work to leave you with the best, brightest, and healthiest-looking results.

If you’re willing to take the plunge, then keep scrolling for 20 fanciful shades of plum.

Cranberry Plum

Satisfy your sweet tooth with cranberry—dare we say, cran-plum—hair. The reddish hue complements all skin tones year round. It’s the most iconic duo since cran-apple juice. 



We were serious when we said go bold or go home. Ask your stylist to recreate this rainbow variation of plum hair. This look is not for the faint of heart, but we’re obsessed with the peekaboo effect that hides your rainbow strands beneath a sea of purple waves.


Almost as precious as the stone itself, amethyst hair is a sight to be seen. It’s a vibrant version of plum hair that looks amazing on lighter skin tones. If you’re looking to preserve the bright color, be sure to use Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner The set is formulated with coconut milk and meadowfoam, making it perfect for color-treated hair.


If going plum is too Plain Jane for you, take it a step further and get a plum ombre. This technique seamlessly blends cool and warm-toned plum shades for a versatile finish. 



Adding lowlights to your mane is the equivalent of adding highlight and contour to your cheeks during your makeup routine—it elevates your look by adding dimension.

Whether you have a bright pink or dark brown base, adding plum lowlights to your mane will boost your hair’s complexity and give it more depth.

Chocolate-Covered Plum

If you’re conflicted about drastically changing your mane, lean into plum hair with this chocolate-inspired color. Adding hints of violet tresses to your dark brown hair creates a look that’s subtle yet eye-catching.


The peacock trend lives on in 2019, but this year we’re focusing on the plum tones. Ask your stylist to paint plum, blue, and green hues onto your locks for a look that’s utterly captivating.

Subtle Plum

Plum hair color isn’t something you see every day, but don’t let that be your reason for avoiding new things. This subtle plum shade can almost pass as a light brown, making it perfect if you’re reluctant to get out of your comfort zone. This color looks particularly gorgeous on darker skin tones.


Everything about this color says stunner. This fuschia plum color that leans pink is electric. Ladies with shorter locks, be sure to take notes because this color is a stunner on pixie cuts and bobs.

Muted Plum

This delicate take on plum hair is the epitome of angelic. The faint hints of lavender make this look so lovely and unique that you’ll surely be everyone’s hair inspo.

Natural Roots Plum

Fantasy hair colors require extra TLC (tender love and care), especially when compared to blonde and brunette shades.The same applies to plum hair. If you’re looking to spare yourself a couple extra bucks and time, leave your roots dark to avoid constant touch-ups. It’s the best of both worlds.

Dipped Plum

Reap the benefits of vibrant hair without the maintenance by dipping your ends in a plum shade. If you ever get tired of it, you can simply cut it all off and go for a chic, short hairstyle that’s totally in right now.

Gray Balayage

This color can do no wrong in our eyes. This luscious dark plum shade melted into a lighter grey has us begging for more photos. If you want to keep those Instagram likes up, make sure to stock up on a product like Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo neutralize any yellow tones that might occur after a few washes.


Highlights are normally reserved for brown, blonde, and red hair colors, but don’t be afraid to add plum highlights on top of a fantasy shade. Highlights add brightness to any look, making your hair more dazzling than ever before.

Dark Plum

This quintessential color gives us all the plum vibes we need to survive the winter. This all-over color that almost passes as dark brown will have people asking if that’s your natural hair shade.

Bright Plum

If we haven't convinced you that plum hair color is worth a try by now, then maybe this saturated variation will change your mind. If you just quickly glance at this bright plum color, you’ll miss the nuances that add a layer of complexity to this shade. It’s so luxe and deep—we can’t stop drooling over it.


There a few things in the world that are more beautiful than a sunset—and that includes this hair inspo. Ask your stylist to color your base a plum shade and seamlessly blend in accent shades to create a picturesque sunset look.


While it’s true trends come and go, rest assured that this violet plum hue is here to stay. No matter what time of year it is, everyone will marvel over your beautiful mane.


If it doesn’t scare you just a little, then it probably isn’t worth it (like most things in life). Getting two bold colors on one head of hair might be intimidating, but get in touch with your inner trendsetter and lead the way! Once you do it, you’re sure to have others follow in your fashionable footsteps. 



Don’t give up on your childhood dreams and give this extraordinary hair color a go. It reminds us of everything we loved when we were younger—unicorns, magic, and of course, the color purple. The blend fuses plum, pink, and blue shades to create the most magical mane possible.

Bluish Violet

We’ve all heard the old tale that if you want to teach a child how to swim, throw them in the water. Well, the same goes for changing your hair color (kind of). Dive into plum hair with this bluish-violet hue. It’s a dynamic and fun way to approach a new hair color.

Plum Roots

If breaking the rules is your thing, we’ve got a look for you that certainly goes against the norm. Keep the color at the crown of your head by coloring your roots any variation of plum you desire.

Hidden Plum

If you’re trying to get a taste of plum hair but still want to keep it appropriate for the office, ask your stylist to keep the color beneath a layer of your natural hair. It secretly spices up your dark brown hair without putting your professionalism at risk—don’t worry, we won’t tell.

If you’re interested in trying plum hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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