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Khaleesi White Hair Is Trending Just In Time For The Final Season Premiere

Khaleesi white hair

Spring may be in full bloom here at home but in Westeros, winter is just beginning. It’s been more than a year since we’ve caught up with Daenerys Targaryen and as excited as we are to see the Breaker of Chains claim her rightful place on the Iron Throne, we’re even more excited to have our ultimate #hairgoals back on the small screen April 14.

While Khaleesi is known for her intricate, head-turning braids, we can’t stop thinking about her icy platinum color—and we’re not the only ones. Over the last few weeks, in anticipation of the season eight premiere, Khaleesi white hair color has absolutely taken over our timelines. Everywhere you look, there’s another Instagram babe flaunting the dazzling ash blonde look.

Looking to channel your inner Mother of Dragons this spring? Continue reading for everything you need to know about Khaleesi white hair, how to care for it, and inspiration photos to take to your next appointment.

Khaleesi white hair

What is Khaleesi white hair color?

Khaleesi white hair may sound like a hue found only in King’s Landing, but it is actually just a very light shade of platinum blonde. There are several shades of blonde hair that fall into the platinum blonde range and Khaleesi hair is all the way at the end of the spectrum, creating an icy white appearance.

Much like the Iron Throne, Khaleesi white hair takes a lot of work to conquer. Don’t expect to talk out of the salon after your first appointment with a hue bright enough to rule a kingdom. Because Khaleesi white hair may require several applications of bleach, it can take anywhere from three to eight appointments to safely lift your color and achieve your ivory locks. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but your colorist will work with you to help maintain the look and feel of your strands.

Khaleesi white hair

How To Care For Khaleesi White Hair Color

Platinum blonde hair is one of the most challenging hair colors to care for and seeing as Khaleesi white is one of—if not the—lightest shades of platinum, get ready to overhaul your hair care routine completely.

The foundation of every hair care routine is a good shampoo and conditioner system. We recommend swapping out your regular shampoo and conditioner for Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet and Blond Absolu Cicaflash. The deep indigo, iridescent shampoo is brass-reducing with blue and purple dye for instant blonde illumination and undertone neutralization. Ultra-care and a protective shield are delivered in an opalescent lavender milky gel making this a must-have for every blonde.

The back to back bleach sessions required to achieve Khaleesi blonde hair can take a serious toll on your locks. Help improve the look and feel of your strands by incorporating a weekly deep conditioning mask into your routine, we love Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Masque Ultra-Violet. This deep conditioner packs a double punch, nourishing your strands and neutralizing your color.
Behold the intense neutralization power in an ultra-intensive treatment mask! Containing purple pigments for anti-brass and anti-yellowing action, the rich ultra-violet cream penetrates hair fiber to restore radiance and shine.

Your shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner system will set you up for hair success, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your day-to-day styling routine. If you want to ensure your strands and hair color look their absolute best every day, we recommend adding a strengthening, heat protecting serum to your daily routine. We love Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Cicaplasme. This universal heat protectant doubles as a fortifying leave-in serum to help unify damaged areas for less breakage and seal the ends with a lightweight touch.

If you're looking for some salon inspiration, we've rounded up 11 white blonde hair looks Khaleesi would approve of. From platinum blonde to lilac blonde, you're bound to find a look you'll love. 

Platinum Blonde

It’s only right that we begin with the mother of all blonde hair colors: platinum. This glamour puss shade, designed for the reigning silver screen starlets, is a high maintenance, opulent color that practically oozes status. If you’ve been lightening your hair for some time and are itching to make a dramatic shift, platinum is probably the right choice. We recommend this look on long hair. If you begin to experience chemical damage, your stylist can just shear away your split ends and breakage.

Silver Blonde

Out of all the icy blonde shades in existence, silver is probably the newest. It’s only in the last handful of years that colorists have wholeheartedly embraced gray, silver, and white as colors that look just as lovely on young heads as they do on old. Trend aside, silver looks flattering on almost every complexion and brings a much-warranted moodiness to your ‘do. Instead of being mistaken for somebody’s elegant grandmother, you’ll feel surprisingly youthful.

Gray Blonde

Are you a vampy lady who also just happens to be a blonde? Celebrate your cool roots by going gray blonde. Although the shade might not sound sexy, we consider this one of the most unique shades available right now. The color is sultry and ashy—the perfect choice for a girl who’s been every kind of blonde. Why not try something new and adventurous?

Like all dark colors, gray will take some time to fully fade from your hair. This certainly isn’t a quick shade to grow out, so take that into consideration before switching up your icy blonde mane. Still, we think this shade is worth it.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne is a beverage that’s made just for celebrations (no matter how ordinary or small), and that’s exactly how we feel about champagne blonde. This ashy, beige-influenced color incorporates subtle notes of gold and white blonde. We’ve been seeing this shade steadily gain popularity, so it’s no wonder that hairstylists are battling to create the best version of it.

On medium or fair skin tones, you really can’t go wrong with champagne. Why not add a sense of celebration to your daily life?

Frosted Blonde

If you’re anything like us, the words “frosted” and “blonde” together bring to mind terrible memories of post-millennium boy bands with spiky, frosted tips and chunky knits. The good news is that today’s frosted blonde has nothing in common with those dated styles. Blending darker blonde shades with subtle white highlights, your colorist will craft a blonde gradient that will fully convert you to the shade.

Latte Blonde

We like our blondes like our caffeinated beverages: a little sweet, with a touch of unexpected goodness. That’s certainly the case for latte blonde, a medium ash shade that’s just a bit brighter than you’d typically see it. The ultra-chic color is ideal for summer, when just a glimpse of beautiful blonde hair can feel like a blast of cold air. On lengthy manes, latte blonde is sleek and modern.

Lilac Blonde

We’re living in a pastel world where no mane is safe from the gentle touch of watercolor shades. If you’ve already committed to a life of light blonde hair, why not mix up your look a little? Lilac falls directly between blue and pink hair, creating a shade that’s flattering on almost every skin tone. When applied with a very light touch, lilac has a beautiful, dusky finish that’s ideal for summer wear.

Lavender Blonde

Tired of walking the middle ground between pastel pink and blue? Commit to a lavender, instead. We find that purple hues are the most universally flattering, particularly against icy blonde hair. Whether you ask your colorist for an ombre or just a dip dye, the decision will transform your look. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who has purple hair?

Rose Blonde

It seems as if the world has totally gone gaga for all things blush pink. The pale shade, which includes influences of both icy blonde and orange, is a no-fuss look that’s ideal for warm weather and summer vacations. If you’re not sure what shade of pink fits your complexion best, schedule a consultation with your colorist of choice. He or she can talk you through the process.

Rose Gold Blonde

For some, pure pink can feel a little bit excessive. If that’s the case for you, we humbly recommend giving rose gold blonde a shot. This pale pink look includes a touch of orangey gold, ensuring you won’t feel like you just dunked your head in a bucket of birthday confetti.

If you’re nervous to give rose gold a try, we recommend wearing it as an ombre before painting on a full head of the color. Don’t enjoy the shade as much as you’d hoped? By all means, just cut it off.

Grungy Blonde

Does pastel feel too sweet to you? Is even platinum too tame? Introduce a punk rock element to your blonde by asking your colorist for dark, grunge-inspired looks. This look works well to create a moody ‘do, but it’s even easier if your own hair color is dark to begin with. Instead of having to visit the salon for touch-ups, you can simply allow the color to grow out.

Interested in Khaleesi white hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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