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The Wet Hair Look: 5 Ways to Wear This Super Trendy Look

photo of woman with wet finger waves hairstyle

We all know the feeling of walking out of the ocean feeling like a total babe. The sun is shining, the sand is warm beneath your feet, and your wet hair looks like an actual mermaid styled it. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later your hair has dried into a frizzy mess and you’re left wondering how you can get back that perfectly tousled wet look.

Lucky for you, slaying a wet hair look doesn’t require a trip to the beach. With just a spray bottle of water, a little gel, and a comb, you can achieve a gorgeous wet hair look right in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve rounded up five wet hair looks that we can’t get enough of.

For all of these looks, you’ll have to begin with wet hair. You can start styling your hair right after you’ve washed and gently dried it or fill a spray bottle with water and spritz your locks until they’re damp. Alternatively,, use a spray leave-in conditioner: The liquid formula will dampen your hair while ensuring that it feels hydrated.

Classic Wet Look

This classic style looks great with a center part, side part, or slicked straight back. Once your hair is saturated (but not soaking wet), work a light hold gel through your hair to set your texture. Allow your hair to dry before walking out of the door and it’ll look chic and shiny all day long.

Slick Braided Chignon

To begin, work a light hold gel through your locks. art your hair down the middle, on the side, or brush it straight back, gathering your damp hair at the nape of your neck and securing a ponytail with a hair elastic. Using the hair from your ponytail, create a classic braid and fasten it with a clear hair elastic. To complete this look, wrap the braid around itself until it forms a bun and secure the style with several bobby pins.

Finger Waves

For this look, you’ll need medium hold gel and a fine-tooth comb. Begin by parting your damp hair to the left or the right and applying a liberal amount of gel to the larger section of hair. Comb the gel through your hair until it is completely saturated and the product is evenly distributed.

Starting in the middle of your head, brush a 1-inch section up towards your forehead. Using your comb and a little help from your fingers, create an S-shaped wave. Continue to the next section, creating another S-shaped wave until you’ve completed the entire side. Tuck any extra pieces behind your ear before repeating the process on the opposite side. Allow the gel to dry completely to set your look.

Slicked Back Roots

For this look, you need to begin with clean, dry hair. Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure the hair from the bottom section with a hair elastic. Next, part the front section of your hair on the right or left side of your head.

Working in small segments, evenly distribute gel throughout the front two sections of hair, applying gel about an inch from the root. Once your roots are completely saturated in gel, untie the bottom section and comb your hair straight back. Allow your clean, dry hair to flow down your back to provide a nice contrast against your wet roots. Allow the gel to dry completely to set your look.


To begin, part your hair on the left or right side of your head. Work a medium hold gel throughout your locks until they are completely saturated and the gel is evenly distributed. Then, comb the smaller section of hair straight back and the larger section of hair up into a mini-pompadour. Use a jumbo hair clip to secure your pompadour in place until the gel completely dries. Once dried, remove the clip and your look is set.

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