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The One Mistake Redheads Make During The Summer, According To A Pro

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It’s not easy being a redhead. Though you may feel fiery and defiant after leaving the salon, the ruby hue is notoriously quick to fade. With today’s salon support and advances in hair care formulas, however, nothing should dissuade you from living your ginger dreams.

At Redken’s House of Color event on June 5, we spoke to brand ambassador Cassondra Kaeding about the mistake her redheaded clients make when the weather starts to heat up. Unfortunately, it happens when women with fresh color get a little pool-happy.

“Stay out of the water! Don’t go in the pool, don’t go in the salt water at all,” Kaeding says. “It’s can strip your color.”

When recent clients come back in to worry over untimely fading, Kaeding can often tell on the spot whether salt water or chlorine is to blame. Once you’ve made the mistake she emphasize how important it is to ‘fess up in order to get your hair goals back on track. Without knowing what’s caused the fading or potential dryness, Kaeding may not be able to provide the perfect solution.

“I always tell my clients, just be honest with me,” she says, noting that hair stylists just want their clients to leave the salon looking and feeling flawless. “We’re on your side.”

If you have recently colored hair, it’s important to care for it as an investment from day one by investing in professional quality products. For ladies who’ve had their hair pre-lightened for a ginger or strawberry blonde shade, we’re big fans of Redken’s Color Extend Bonder. The 2-week post-color bonding system includes a pre-shampoo, shampoo, and conditioner. Together, the formulas help protect color-treated hair during the critical first two weeks after a color or blonding service.

Bonders aside, you’ll also want to tweak your normal shower routine to help protect your fresh red shade. Redken’s Color Extend Shampoo, Conditioner, and Rich Recovery Protection Treatment for Color-Treated Hair can help extend the life of your strawberry shade.

By the time your friends are hopping in the pool, you’ll have invested enough time and energy into your shade to be wary of ruining it. Instead of cannonballing into the deep end, take a second to prep your strands for the water.

Our experts recommend tying color-treated hair up into a loose top knot before getting into the ocean or pool so as to avoid the water touching your hair at all. If you’re unofficially training to be a professional swimmer and can’t be held back from diving, invest in a tightly-fitted swim cap to keep your hair away from the water’s damaging reach.

Of course, the sun reflecting off the water’s surface can also play a role in your hair color’s untimely demise. One way to guard your red color against harmful UVA and UVB rays is by wearing a baseball or wide-brimmed cap to the beach.

With these tips and Kaeding’s sound advice, your red should stick around longer than ever.

For more personalized red hair care tips or to try the color out, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist.

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