Strength Fusion Ultra Sealer
STRENGTH FUSION™ Post Chemical Treatment

STRENGTH FUSION™ Post Chemical Treatment

Ultra Sealer

The Strength Fusion Ultra Sealer enlivens chemically treated hair by sealing in strength, moisture and shine. An effective heat protectant, the Ultra Sealer protects hair from damage due to heated tools up to 445° F and reduces friction for no damage straightening, curling, and blowdrying. The Ultra Sealer protects the hair by sealing the cuticle - reducing hair breakage and frizz, for softer, smoother hair. No matter your hair type, from curly and thick to fine and wavy, the Ultra Sealer leaves hair smoothed, supple, easier to comb, and with better shape memory.


  • Infused with Spirulina
  • Leave-in cream and hair protectant seals in strength, moisture and shine
  • Fast and easy uniform spreading · Provides heat protection up to 445 ◦F
  • Leaves hair more supple, easier to comb and with better shape memory

    • Hair Sealant: Protect the hair fiber by sealing the cuticle for softer hair with shine and movement ·        
    • Multi-Purpose Finish: Smooth the surface of the hair and seal the cuticle to provide discipline, softness, movement and shine
    • Thermal Protectant: Apply before heat styling to protect the hair up to 445 ◦ F and reduce friction to ease styling 



    Apply Strength Fusion Ultra Sealer to hair after rinsing the Strength Fusion Recover Mask. Leave in and style as usual.




    Immediately after a chemical service, apply the traditional process (relaxer, straightener, haircolor, etc.) as directed. Cleanse with recommended shampoo per manufacturer’s instructions. In the weeks between chemical services, begin with Strength Fusion Strengthening and Repairing Shampoo.


    Section hair in quadrants. Apply 3-5 vials of Strength Fusion Salvage Shot section by section. Start the application at the ends, then along the lengths. Leave on 5 minutes. Rinse.


    Apply Strength Fusion Recover Mask section by section. Start application at the ends, then along the lengths. Cover with cap and place under dryer for deep recovery (optional). Leave on 5 minutes. Massage scalp using Effleurage Technique (optional). Rinse.

    STEP 3: SEAL

    Apply Strength Fusion Ultra Sealer. Leave in and style as usual.

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