Rebalance Scalp
Scalp Care 3-Step Anti Dandruff Hair Care System - Designed for clients with moderate to severe scalp problems, the Mizani Scalp Care System was developed to regulate problematic scalps and promote healthy looking hair. Working synergistically, the system combines potent salicylic acid with powerful pyrithione zinc (ZPT), two clinically effective active ingredients proven to eliminate the recurrence of scalp flaking, scaling, and itching.

Scalp Care

Anti Dandruff Hair Care System

MIZANI Scalp Care system fights dandruff and dryness to leave hair healthy, smooth and sleek. A powerful combination of salicylic acid and pyrithione zinc is a clinically effective, proven way to get rid of scalp flaking, scaling & itching. The Scalp Care system will leave the scalp healthy and hair clean and clear of dandruff. If you're looking for a treatment for flaking, dandruff, and an itchy scalp, this soothing treatment is a salon product essential. Suitable for all hair types, styles, and lengths.


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