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10 Peekaboo Highlight Ideas We're Swooning Over Now

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When the new year comes around, many of us start to find ourselves itching for a change. When giving away old clothing (bye, bodysuits!) and cleaning the house doesn’t quite do it, it’s time to turn to your hair colorist for a new ’do.

For a splash of color and a totally fresh start, we’d recommend gathering peekaboo highlight ideas to bring to your consultation. Remember bleaching just one or two strands of hair as a teenager to feel that rush of adrenaline? Peekaboo highlights have a similar effect, providing just enough to color to make your whole look feel brand new.

Need some serious inspiration before you sign up? We’ve got you covered.

Blush On Blonde

We may be past the year of millennial pink now, but that doesn’t mean we have to give it up entirely. This soft blush shade looks lovely on cool blonde hair, acting like a pastel shadow. This is a ‘do that’s practically made for pale complexions and wintery days in the snow.

If you’re hoping to push the boundaries even more, talk to your colorist about a lilac shade with hints of purple.

Raspberry On Honey

Did we make you hungry? While this combination of flavors would also make quite the balanced breakfast, we’re still focused on hair colors. Vibrant pink highlights peeking out from under a honey base are a warm, youthful way to welcome the new year.

To make the most of your luscious color combination, fishtail and French braids are an excellent idea. Be sure to ask your colorist for product recommendations that can keep your blonde from becoming brassy while maintaining the vibrancy of your raspberry streaks.

Icy Blue On Blonde

There are a dozen cartoon princess jokes to make about this hair color, but it’s almost too beautiful to joke about. If you’re naturally light blonde or have spent months working toward platinum, reward yourself for all that diligence with a frosty blue accent shade.

Because blonde hair can often be quite fragile, we’d recommend trying this look when you have some extra length. If you find that the maintenance is too much, just ask your stylist to cut the blue away.

Muted Blue On Black

Although fashion colors like pastel pink and blue continue their unstoppable rise in popularity, we’re finding ourselves drawn to vampy alternatives for the new year. This gray-blue shade over a black base is a subtle way to create drama without neon shades. In the right light, these peekaboo highlights could almost be mistaken for shiny highlights.

If you had a serious emo phase back in the day, it may be time to revisit it with this edgy blue look—overdrawn eyeliner not included.

Indigo On Black

Indigo isn’t just for your favorite pair of distressed jeans anymore. This deep cobalt shade can look just as beautiful in your hair, particularly when it’s blended with a black base. For medium skin tones, this peekaboo look is a low-key way of feeling like your color’s been refreshed.

For an extra touch of modern glam, we’d recommend asking your stylist for an angled bob to show off your peekaboo color. If you love it, ask your colorist for a full head of indigo on your next visit.

Aqua On Espresso

While we’re expressing our love of brunette-and-blue hybrids, it’s an appropriate time to talk about aqua and espresso. These bright pops of color will be more challenging to maintain than their subdued fellows, but your colorist can customize a hair care routine to keep them looking flawless.

Like to make a statement and have already given rainbow hair a shot? Aqua and espresso is a natural next step.

Warm Red On Mahogany

One of the prettiest ways colorists make peekaboo highlights work is by playing up the same notes in both the base and accent color. Red on mahogany brown hair works because it’s all within the same color family. The result is a cohesive color fantasy that will see you all the way through to the summer.

Caramel On Hazelnut

If you’ve made it this far down the list, chances are good you’re hunting for a more office-appropriate color combination to try in the early months of the year. Look no further than caramel peekaboo highlights. This nutty, rich shade is incredibly flattering to all complexions—it’s basically a weeklong beachside vacation without any out-of-office time.

On long, flowing waves, this color combination is the ultimate bombshell move. Thank us later.

Beige On Cool Brown

Does the word “beige” still conjure images of your mother’s living room in the ‘90s? You must not be paying attention to the world of hair trends, which is rapidly being dominated by nude blonde shades. Your colorist will take the shade very cool, creating the in-demand matte hair color effect that’s currently ruling social media.

Take inspiration from this photo, using a “less is more” approach to place beige pieces throughout your mane. A little goes a long way, particularly when it comes to cool girl color. The idea is to avoid looking too intentional.

Sunny Blonde On Chocolate

Trade the stripe-like highlights of the early ‘00s for this lived-in color combination. Placed around your face in delicate pieces, sunny blonde creates a youthful, natural vibe that’s perfect for laidback women with messy waves.

When it comes to inspiration for this look, be sure to turn to the professionals. Colorists with less experience may be unable to recreate the effortless vibe of these peekaboo highlights.

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