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13 Photos of Pastel Blue Hair Color You Have to See to Believe

woman with pastel rainbow hair

The best things in life are blue. Off the top of our heads, we’re daydreaming about summer skies, tropical bays, and cotton candy. Shades of pastel are lighthearted and youthful—not to mention a welcome change from the deluge of pale pink we’ve seen for the past years.

If you’ve been debating incorporating pastel blue into your mane, you’ve got the right idea. The shade, which comes in everything from barely-blue mint hues to true cornflower, is flattering on fair and medium skin tones.

Looking for more inspiration? We’ve got you covered.


It’s the luck of the Irish, indeed—particularly when it comes to mint hair. This pale green shade looks best on very fair complexions, creating a dramatic, bright effect. If you love retro style and channeling the glamorous movie stars of the past, try mint hair in pin curls or Marcel waves.

The lighter your base shade, the better this color will be. Be sure to take a look at your colorist’s Instagram page before booking an appointment to make sure he or she has experience with pastel shades.


Aqua is a unique color, one that falls between mint and true blue. It’s an aquatic hue that pays homage to the recent mermaid trend without making you look like you’ve pulled on a cheap Halloween wig. The shade is also a bit more forgiving than its mint counterpart, flattering caramel complexions and playing nicely with dark brunette roots. On blunt lobs, aqua is a stunner.

Sky Blue

Think of sky blue hair like aqua on steroids—this shade is bold, honey. If you’re interested in this hue, it’s important to undergo a thorough consultation with your colorist before committing. A color with this much pigmentation will require regular maintenance and a specialized care system, so you’ll want to understand the effort and cost involved before taking a seat in that salon chair.


The ’90s are back and so is the color teal. This trendy shade is a vibrant take on blue green, one that looks best on very fair complexions. Although the shade might bring back memories of emo kids and punk rockers, we’re happy to report that today’s version of teal is all grown up. Try it on a pixie cut or in a Pinterest-worthy braid.

Metallic Blue

Over the course of the last year, we’ve seen holographic and metallic tints take over the hair world. It’s time for metallic blue to get the accolades it deserves. This dark horse is all about drama, using specially designed pigment to reflect light. If you’re in the market for a moody or edgy shade, one that’s not seen as frequently, metallic blue may be a good fit. Just be sure to use a colorist who has plenty of experience working with this technique.

Icy Blue

Ice queens, unite. There’s finally a frosty hair color that’s brilliant enough to match your aesthetic. This pale blue shade suits anyone who’d be able to wear white blonde hair well (in other words, fair skinned ladies). With bright undertones and a watercolor finish, icy blue is all about subtle cool-girl vibes. For extra edge, ask your colorist for titanium or silver lowlights to create depth throughout your mane.

Blue Gray

Of all the hair colors to rule social media, we’re proud to call blue gray our very favorite. This cloudy, near-purple shade suits all skin tones. Whether your colorist builds the shade from a dark or very blonde base, the result is silvery and understated. Still, gray is a notoriously finicky color to maintain. Be sure you’ve invested in a hair care system that will keep it shining brightly between salon appointments.

Matte Blue

Ashy hair colors are all the rage, so it only makes sense that a colorist would find a way to bring pastel blue into the fold. If metallic shades aren’t your thing, give matte blue a try. This gray-influenced shade is purple-tinged and lovely, an ideal choice for women with medium skin tones. If you want all the joy of going blue without giving up your brunette roots, matte blue might just be a fit.


Lilac isn’t a true blue hair color, but rather a pink-purple infused with cornflower. Because the hair shade mixes a range of hues, we find that it’s flattering on pretty much every skin tone. Plus, it brightens the complexion better than any expensive foundation could. If you’re looking for a summery shade that’s nothing close to hair colors you’ve tried before, give lilac a shot.

Seafoam Blue Ombre

We’ve covered both pastel blues and greens, but we’ve yet to discuss ombre. For an extra oceanic take on the look, ask your colorist for strands that transition from seafoam green at the roots. By the ends, they should become a true aqua blue. Because this is such a dramatic look, we like to see it on extra-long manes. Why not get your money’s worth?

Vibrant Blue with Pastel Highlights

Some women aren’t happy with their hair color until they resemble a comic book character or cartoon. We fully support that decision, especially since there isn’t nearly enough neon hair in this world. If you feel the calling for true blue locks, ask your colorist to place pastel blue around your face and throughout your ends. The bright pieces will add serious dimension to your look.

Pastel Blue Ombre

While we’re on the subject of ombre, why not consider a pastel blue that fades into purple or blonde? We rarely see ladies experiment with pastel shades like this, so you’d be something of a trailblazer. On medium-length hair, pastel blue ombre is a sure win. Once you’re tired of the secondary color, just go ahead and snip it off—no commitment, no problem.

Navy Blue Ombre

Navy is always in style—a statement that not only applies to fashion, but also to your beloved ‘do. The color is universally flattering, meaning it’ll look just as good around your face as it does on your favorite pencil skirt. To add pastel into the mix, ask your colorist for dark roots that fade into pale blue.

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