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The 8 Best Medium Length Hairstyles All Women Over 50 Should Try

photo of older woman with medium length hairstyle

As you age, true style becomes more about finding the clothing, makeup, and hairstyles that make you feel your best than bowing down to trends. That certainly goes for cuts, too. The right one should have you bouncing in your salon chair, ready to go out and show the world your fresh ‘do.

If you’re looking for medium length haircuts for women over 50, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up our favorite cuts.

Straight With Bangs

If your hair is naturally straight, there’s no reason to fight with it every day in an attempt to create effortless curls. Instead, work with your stylist to customize a cut that plays to your strengths. We love a crisp bob with full bangs for its ability to visually sharpen the jawline and mask any thinness at the temples.

To make this look pop, all you need is a blow dryer, a heat primer, and a brush.

Angled Bob

Angled cuts highlight the jawline, making your chin appear much more defined. If you feel confident wearing a center part and want a cut that feels just as polished as you are, this is the bob for you. The right stylist will work to determine the most flattering length for your face.

If you’re a low maintenance lady, you may want to do your research before committing to this cut. The sharp line requires regular salon maintenance, which means no skipping appointments.

Flippy Bob

The flippy bob—so named for its bouncy layers—is a style beloved by celebrity women over 50. It’s clean but hasn’t lost its sense of fun or sexiness, as evidenced by the moody side bangs that are so universally flattering.

If this bob piques your interest, talk to your stylist about layers for movement and a few side-swept bangs. Make sure you get a styling tutorial before you leave the salon, as well.

Curly As Can Be

A curl specialist can help you achieve the best medium cut for your age, hair type, and overall look. Don’t be afraid to let those ringlets bounce, baby!

Full Bangs

Many haircuts focus on the ends while totally neglecting the forehead. Not so with this cut! These Euro-inspired bangs will bring out the inner French woman within you, adding a sense of timelessness to your overall look. To make sure you’re getting the best cut possible, walk your stylist through your lifestyle and daily routine before committing to bangs.

One Length

Depending upon the thickness of your hair, it may seem like a waste to chop it off into some severe cut. If earthiness and long hair are your trademarks, by all means don’t let go of them now. Women with beautiful length should hold onto it for as long as possible.

To make sure your length stays as healthy as possible, use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner formulated for fragile hair. We love the Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Shampoo and Conditioner for just that reason.

Wavy Cut

Whether you have natural texture or like to add a wave every morning, it’s crucial to get a cut that supports your favorite way to wear your hair. We love long layers for gentle waves, but your stylist can provide custom cut advice.

Beachy Lob

Sometimes, unpolished looks just as beautiful as salon perfect. If undone is your favorite aesthetic, your stylist can cut a long bob (lob) that hits at your shoulders. You’ll keep your length without sacrificing the windblown texture you love. A salt or sugar spray can help bring out your waves, as well.

For personalized haircut advice, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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