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How To Wear The Hot Pink Hair Trend Celebs Can't Get Enough Of

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This year has been iconic for fashion hair color trends. From cool-toned shades like marshmallow hair to bold ultra violet, there seems to be a color trend for just about everyone. If you’ve yet to be moved by any of the current color crazes, this latest one may have you running to your salon just in time for festival season.

In a world where rose gold and pastel hues saturate social media, hot pink hair may have not have landed on your feed before. However, a new wave of uber famous celebrities and beauty icons have recently been seen wearing the iconic fluorescent shade, and we’re feeling inspired by their choices.

Already thinking pink? Read on for our best tips and tricks for wearing and maintaining the up and coming shade.

What is hot pink hair?

A vivid blend of cotton candy and fuschia, hot pink hair is a true statement color that incorporates warm undertones perfect for summer. Since hot pink works best on pre-lightened strands, your stylist will need to bleach your hair before applying the hue.

Dark-haired ladies: Be warned. You may need to sit through several bleaching sessions before achieving your desired look. Bleach will always cause damage, but a professional stylist will work to leave you with hair that looks and feels beautiful.

What kind of maintenance does hot pink hair require?

Like most fashion colors, hot pink hair is not the easiest shade to maintain. However, anything is possible with the proper care and a killer product arsenal.

Since heat can sap the life from vibrant hair colors, keep heat styling to a minimum and always use a quality heat protectant like Matrix Heat Buffer spray. For a shampoo and conditioner system designed to help strengthen color-treated hair, try Redken Color Extend Magnetics shampoo and conditioner.

The damage caused by bleach will always be a concern for those daring enough to try bold hair colors. If you’re looking to minimize the look and feel of damage on your strands, try working a weekly treatment such as Redken’s Extreme Strengthening Mega Hair Mask into your hair care routine.

Unfortunately, even the most high quality products alone won’t be enough to keep your hot pink hair vibrant forever. If you’re working with a full head of hot pink strands, be sure to schedule an appointment every six weeks or follow your stylist’s recommendation to keep your roots looking fresh.

What’s the best way to wear hot pink hair?

We are firm believers that fashion colors can look great on everyone. Although any style would look great, we love the look of hot pink on sleek, lengthy strands.

If you aren’t ready for a full head of hot pink hair just yet, ask for stylist for a balayage or highlights to blend the fantasy color into your natural color. Interested in a temporary look for festival season? Do it like your favorite celebs and invest in a colorful wig.

Whichever way you choose to wear your color, be sure to use the hashtag #hairdotcom on your posts to show us your new look!

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