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Honey Hair Color Is The Most Expensive-Looking Way To Do Blonde

two women with honey blonde hair on white backdrops
The temperatures are warm, our tanned skin is warm, so why not bring our hair color along for the ride? In the wake of at least one A-list tennis pro trying honey blonde hair color out, we’ve been inspired to give the shade a shot! Unlike golden blonde, honey hair color features more red and brown undertones to really make it rich-looking and multidimensional.

After a wave of popularity in the early 2000s, super warm blonde shades took a break from the spotlight. They were replaced by the endless parade of icy white blondes and ashes you’ve probably been scrolling through on Instagram since 2016. If you’re looking to refresh your ‘do and keep your blonde current, what better way than to go honey blonde? The shade is also an excellent fit for natural redheads who may want to give blonde a shot without totally losing the super-warm color they love so much.

Like actual jarred honey you might find at a farmer’s market, this trend runs the gamut of shades from deep amber to light, sweet gold (golden blonde, anyone?). Work with a pro stylist you trust, and you’ll be investing in the blonde of your daydreams!

The Best Shades Of Honey Blonde Hair Color To Try Now

Light Honey Blonde

Oh, light honey blonde, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for you! This dreamy, super pale take on the honey trend is best for experienced blonde lovers whose hair may already be a few levels away from platinum or ice. On fair, warm complexions, light honey blonde hair is a romantic and feminine.

Amber Honey Blonde

If you have a medium skin tone, you have to know about amber honey blonde. Think of this like that super dark-looking honey, the kind that comes from free-range bees on luxurious Vermont farms. The rich near-brown notes in amber honey blonde make all the difference and create the ideal transition shade for fall.

Honey Blonde Balayage

OK, brunettes, here’s one for you: honey blonde balayage on a dark base. Because your stylist will only be lifting color from a few choice strands to create a statement, you’ll experience way less damage and maintenance than a full head of blonde might bring you. Color virgins, this is your perfect first step into highlights!

Honey-Roasted Blonde

If a quiet Sunday morning over coffee in a Parisian cafe could be distilled down into one hair color, it would be honey-roasted blonde. Tiptoeing right on the edge of light brown, this dark brown incorporates notes of honey with copper reflects. Excuse us while we save this one to our phones!

Strawberry Honey Blonde

No matter your feelings about fruit honey IRL, you can’t deny that a kiss of rose pink really makes this honey blonde look stand out. Perfect for darker skin tones who want in on the trend, strawberry honey blonde is a surefire winner! To keep help avoid premature fading between appointments, pick up shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for your needs; we love Redken’s sulfate and silicone-free Nature + Science Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.

Pale Honey Blonde Ombre

The only thing prettier than one shade of blonde is two! Treat your hair (and your self-confidence) to a gorgeous ombre that’ll let you try honey alongside your typical shade without committing to any color near your roots.

Neutral Honey Blonde

When in doubt, subtlety is the motto. We love the way this honey shade could almost have grown out of this model’s scalp—isn’t that the cool girl hair color dream?

Looking to treat your sweet tooth to honey blonde hair? Use our salon locator to book the perfect pro near you. Happy blonding!

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