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8 Half And Half Hair Colors That Are Perfect If You Want To Make A Statement

Half and half hair colors
Vibrant fantasy hair colors have become so popular it seems like there’s no hair color you can wear that will shock anyone these days. Sunset hair color? Been there. Neon strands? Done that. Silvery grey balayage? Everyone’s wearing it—including your mom! If you like your hair color to be as unique and extraordinary as you are, you might have to take some extreme measures...which is why we’re talking about half and half hair color.

What is half and half hair color?

Half and half hair color is when your colorist dyes one half of your hair one color and the other half a different one. It’s perfect for people who love to stand out in a crowd and are maybe a little bit indecisive. The only thing better than one spectacular hair color is two!

If it sounds like half and half hair color is just the style for you, we’ve rounded up eight inspiration photos you’re going to want to take to your colorist ASAP.

The Best Half And Half Hair Colors To Try Now

Pink And Green

If we had to pick our favorite color combination, it would definitely be pink and green. We love how the lightness of the pink hue perfectly complements the grungy green for an edgy final style.

Fantasy Color And Natural Hair

If you want to experiment with half and half color but don’t want to get rid of your precious dark brown hair, don’t—you can have your cake and eat it too! Ask your colorist to dye one half of your hair an outrageous color (we love this green and orange combo) and let your natural hair color stand out.

Hot Pink And Rainbow

Don’t pick between two colors when you can have them all—literally! If you can’t settle on two hair colors, allow your colorist to create a rainbow effect with one half of your hair.

Pink And Peach

Your half and half hair colors don’t have to be exact opposites to make a statement. We love the way these two colors help each other stand out while blending together perfectly.

Yellow And Gray

Parting your hair down the middle and dying each side a different color is the most dramatic way to achieve half and half hair, but it’s not the only way. Highlight your envious length by coloring the top half of your hair one color and the bottom half another.

Hot Pink And Orange

It’s called half and half hair, but that doesn’t mean your colorist has to execute it so literally. If you’re completely obsessed with one color ask your colorist to paint it on two-thirds of your hair while they color the remaining third a complementary shade.

Mauve And Hot Pink

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach to half and half hair, ask your colorist to part your hair horizontally from ear to ear and color each half a different hue. The hair color on the bottom half of your strands will casually peek through the hair on top to reveal your half and half color combination.

Chocolate Brown And Auburn

You don’t have to pick fantasy colors to take advantage of this trend. If neutral colors are much more your jam, opt for two shades that go well together like this chocolate brown and auburn combination.

Interested in a professional half and half color service? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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