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Frizzy Hair And Bangs: 3 Tips To Make The Duo Work

woman with bangs and frizzy curly hair

A common misconception for the frizzy-haired among us is that they should avoid bangs at all costs. However, experts tell us that this is simply not the case. It is possible to achieve manageable bangs with a little help from the right hair products and advice from your stylist! Here are three tips from Alexis Rosso, French brand ambassador for Mizani, on how to unite your frizzy hair with a fringe.

For the perfect bangs, get your hair in good condition.

The first and most important point before embarking on your fringe journey is making sure that your hair can handle it.

“When you have curly hair, it can be very difficult to control the volume, mass, and length when you cut it short,” Rosso says, adding that the same applies to your fringe.

If you’ve been putting off that visit to the salon or using hair care products that are not doing anything for your hair, now is the time to change in order to get your frizzy hair healthy and manageable! A weekly leave-in treatment such as Mizani 25 Miracle Milk can help your hair get the moisture it craves.

Choose the right fringe.

Once you’ve done the haircare groundwork, it’s time to make the cut. As a frizzy-haired fellow, you’ll need to work with your hair texture to get the right kind of fringe. The spiral formation of your hair strands can make your hair prone to shrinking, which will affect the look of your fringe.

Pros suggest that your stylist cuts your fringe dry, sidestepping the guesswork of what shape it will eventually take.

If you’d prefer to wear your fringe au naturel, a longer style may be the best option for you. A longer length can not only help to weigh down the frizz, but also provide you with more styling options.

If you have a round face, your stylist may suggest a blunt or heavy fringe with longer sides that graze your cheekbones. This style can help to create the illusion of contours—hello, definition!

“It’s best to consult your stylist to get a cut that is both adapted to your face shape and type of curl,” Rosso says.

Use the right tools for your fringe.

In summer months, hot weather often means humidity—and a whole lot of maintenance. Moisture can make curly hair even frizzier, which can result in your fringe becoming bigger and harder to manage. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and hair products at your disposal. Your stylist can give you some handy tips and tricks on how to properly handle them.

“It’s crucial to invest in the right products that are going to allow you to discipline your curls and give them the right type of volume you desire,” Rosso.

One such product that can help is Mizani HRM Humidity Resistant Mist. The formula provides a lightweight flexible hold to styles while helping to shield the hair from moisture caused by high humidity situations.

When it comes to styling, look no further than the Mizani True Textures range. Mizani True Textures Curl Define Pudding is perfect for defining curls of any length, giving you the freedom to play with your bangs and create the curl shape you want.

Defy hair gravity by following these professional hair tips!

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