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Stay Chill: 21 Cool-Toned Hair Colors To Shake Up Your Routine

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If you’re the kind of gal who likes to go against the grain and explore all of life’s adventures, getting a cool-toned hair color needs to be on your hair bucket list. This recent color trend is flooding our social media feeds and it’s no surprise. Depending on the undertones you choose, your stylist can customize the hue in a way that best suits your style, skin tone, and preferences.

It’s important to note that to achieve these cooler ashy tones, your stylist will need to use bleach. While bleach can cause hair damage, they will be sure to work with you to keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as possible. This summer, we’re all about keeping things extra chilly to save us from the sweltering heat.

So take your dark brown hair and try mushroom brown or ash blonde. Life is way too short not to be cool. Keep reading for 21 cool-toned hair colors that will transform your mane from subtle to stand-out.

The Best Cool-Toned Hair Colors To Try Now


When we think of cool-toned hair colors, it’s almost obvious that this shade comes to mind. Platinum blonde is a staple hair color that looks particularly flattering on tan skin.

Platinum Ombre

Going full-on ice queen can be seriously daunting. Ease your way into cool-toned shades with a platinum ombre. Ask your stylist leave your roots your natural color and seamlessly blend lighter shades until the ends of your hair are that bright and cool platinum you’ve always wanted.

Mushroom Brown Balayage

Don’t be turned off by the name! Mushroom brown hair is having a serious moment right now, and this balayage takes it to another level. Typically, mushroom brown hair is a mix of brown and grey tones. However, with this coloring technique, you can customize it so that the brown remains concentrated at the crown of your head and your ends are a light gray hue.

Pastel Swirl

Debating between getting a cool gray or an icy blue? We say get them both and more! This pastel swirl of cool-toned colors is an ethereal dream.


If you think of the full range of blonde hair colors and go all the way to the end of the spectrum, you’ll stumble upon white hair—probably one of the lightest variations of platinum hair. Achieving this color is no easy feat and may require several appointments and applications of bleach.

Purple Ombre

Asking someone what color they want to dye their hair is just as difficult as asking what do they want to eat. Let’s be honest, who really knows? Fortunately, this purple ombre makes decision-making that much easier. The warm-toned purple that gently fades into a cooler purple hue allows you to pick two options instead of one.

Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

When it comes to blonde hair, the maintenance can sometimes be daunting—there, we said it. However, getting an ash blonde color at your ends and leaving your roots dark is a great way to keep things a little less demanding. See ya later, root touch-ups!

Smoked-Out Roots Into Blonde Balayage

Smoked-out roots are the bougie sister of dark-colored roots. The only real difference is that your colorist goes in to seamlessly blend the top half of your hair into the bottom part. It may be a bit more expensive, but mix it into an ashy blonde balayage and we promise it’ll be worth every penny.

Bright Blue

Cool-toned hair colors aren’t meant to fall short of being just that—cool. You’ll be sure to snag everyone’s attention everywhere you go with this vibrant hue. Be sure to use products formulated for high-maintenance colors like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner.

Silver Shadow Roots

Silver fox locks just got way foxier. Consider getting silver hair with shadow roots for a look that is captivating. While it's definitely an eye-catching hue, it does require a bit of upkeep. To maintain a more neutral color with no brassiness, ask your stylist to use L’Oréal Professionnel Permanent Majirel Cool Cover at your next appointment.

Light Purple

If you’re someone who has always wanted to take a deep dive into fantasy colors, this cool-toned light purple is the perfect way to transition. The purple base painted with silver highlights creates such a light and pretty color that it can almost pass as a natural hue.

Smoky Grey

This hue is on the cusp of grey and black with the slightest hint of blue and purple undertones. The blend of colors makes it appear as a unique solid shade without sacrificing its dimensionality.

Iridescent Snow

Despite the morning commute inconvenience it may cause, there is one thing we can say about snow: Nothing is more lovely than watching it fall from outside our windows. It’s just as beautiful as this iridescent snow shade. The only difference is this time you’ll be the sight worth watching.

Envy Green

Yes, there is such a thing as vivid, cool hair colors and this green hue with marble gray nuances is the perfect example. For the ladies with shorter strands, be sure to add a bold color to your pixie cut to make a real statement.

Royal Blue Ombre

Nothing says “ice, ice, baby” than this regal mixture of cool blue colors. Ask your stylist to paint darker blue tones at the top of your mane and blend it into a lighter blue hue to create a look that resembles a stunning cascading waterfall.


The benefits of lavender are endless, but here’s one we bet you’ve never considered: major compliments. Changing your mane into a cool lavender shade with grey and silver undertones is the game changer you never knew you needed.

Pastel Pink

Just when you think pastel hair color has made its way out of the limelight, we find more inspiration that brings it right back onto our radar. The subtle silver undertones make this pastel pink shade appear metallic yet soft. It’s a beautiful twist on pastel hair that looks great on all skin tones.


Remember when gray hair’s only correlations were stress and aging? Yeah, we don’t miss those times either. Luckily gray hair has taken on an entirely new meaning and is a fashionable statement hair color. To make the grow out process less demanding, ask your stylist to add subtle shadow roots that blend into your light gray locks.

Denim Tips

We love denim in our wardrobe and our hair. That’s right—you can now ask your stylist to replicate the color of your favorite outfit staple piece and believe us when we say the results are utterly gorgeous. Focus the denim color on the ends of your hair to create a cool two-toned style. Feel free to thank us later.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair is the unexpected hue we want you to try out this season. The ashy color comes from the gray and white undertones and serves us serious “too cool for summer” vibes.


Add some ice to your favorite cafe-inspired hair color and make it suitable for a hot summer. This brown shade is the best way to get your feet wet in cool-toned hues.

If you’re ready to try cool hair colors, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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