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15 Beautiful Brown Colored Balayage Looks

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For decades, every major hair color has had a personality type tied to it. Blondes have more fun, and redheads are fiery, but where does that leave brunettes? We think it’s high time brown hair gets the respect that it deserves. From rich chocolate brown to warm bronde, brown colored hair can be both fierce and fun.

While we love brown balayage, not all color jobs are the same. When not executed by a professional, brunette locks can look flat when every single strand of hair is the same exact color. If you’re looking to add movement and dimension to your style without cutting your locks or parting with your beloved hue, consider heading to the salon to add balayage to your ’do.

To learn how to add movement and dimension to brown hair with balayage, we reached out to Min Kim, L`Oréal Professionnel artist, brand ambassador, and Butterfly Studio Salon master color specialist. Kim revealed the pros and cons of dying brown hair, what inspires her when she’s working with a client, and why balayage looks good on just about everyone.

What are some of the upsides and downsides to brown hair color?

Kim considers brown one of her favorite hair colors of all time. That being said, maintaining a dye job is no easy feat and many factors can alter your color.

“Oxidation and sun exposure are factors to consider when planning for longevity. Another downside is brass,” Kim says.

Recently, Kim’s noticed an uptick in client’s requesting ash brown locks in lieu of traditional warm brown shades. While all brown hair is gorgeous, Kim warns against choosing ash-based colors solely in the hopes of avoiding brown locks with an orange hue. When done by a professional, you can enjoy all of the warmth of brown with none of the orange tinge.

How would you describe your approach to balayage?

When it comes to balayage, Kim says she draws a lot of inspiration from her childhood growing up by the beach.

“Growing up on the Jersey shore really has imprinted on my brain how I see hair every time I do a balayage,” Kim explains. “It is simple, sexy and always brings out that natural beach glow we had as children, especially during the summer months.”

What are some of the tricks you use to add dimension and movement to very dark hair?

Kim has an arsenal of tricks she uses to help her clients achieve their desired color and look, but says how she uses those tricks varies depending on the time of year.

What advantage does balayage have over other hair color techniques when we’re talking about dimension and movement?

Kim’s says the best thing about balayage is that it doesn’t just look low maintenance, it’s also low maintenance to apply.

“The beauty of balayage is that you can see where and how the color lives on the hair as you apply,” Kim says. “That's why ‘less is more’ is advantageous as you work—much smarter and more efficiently, placing the right stroke to make the magic happen!”

If you need a little inspiration before your next trip to the salon, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite brown balayage styles.

Light Brown


Dark Brown with Auburn





Brown and Light Burgundy

Milk Chocolate

Dark Brown and Honey

Ash Brown and Silver

Rose Gold



Copper and Gold

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