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20 Photos That Will Make You Want Bronde Hair Now

loosely curled blonde hair

As every hair colorist in the world will tell you, there’s no such thing as the perfect hair color. That’s because there's no one shade that sits above all the rest. Instead, beautiful, lived-in color is all about the subtle highlights and lowlights rather than base tone. The more multidimensional the ‘do, the more your friends will ooh and ah over it. It’s a basic rule of hair color.

One color trend that we can’t quite get over is bronde (“brown blonde”), a blend of dark and light notes that result in a honey-inspired mane. It’s neutral but textured, modern but still experimental. By now, you’ve seen this color on your favorite celebrities and hair inspiration accounts. So, what’s stopping you from trying it out?

To get your brain (and bronde) gears turning, we’ve pulled together some inspiration. Keep reading to get the best color of your life.

Short and Bronde

There’s a very common misconception that it’s best to have waist length waves with fresh color, implying that length is the only way to make a new shade pop. That’s simply not true, particularly since clinging to length can leave you with damaged, split ends. Instead, try a freshly chopped bob or lob. You’ll have to make regular trips to the salon for trims, but the crisp end result will be totally worthwhile.

Bronde Lob

One trend is excellent, but two together is a power move. That’s certainly the case with the bronde lob, which combines shoulder length strands with the blended brunette-blonde shade we love so much. If you’re worried the lob has gone out of style, just take a look around you. This universally flattering cut isn’t budging.

Bronde Fringe

This is 2017, which means bangs are where it’s at. Cut shorter than the wispy fringe you might’ve worn in high school, these blunt strands will add a punk rock edge to your bronde. It’s an ideal way to add androgyny to an otherwise feminine look. Whether you choose to wear your bangs below eyebrow level or a little shorter, they’re sure to flatter you.

Bronde Pixie

Pixie cuts don’t get as much love as glamorous long styles, but we’ve recently noticed more female celebrities daring to go short. If it’s your first time without a full mane, an opulent bronde ‘do can help you feel feminine without all the length. A professional stylist can talk you through the cut before picking up the scissors to make sure you know what’s coming and help put you at ease.

Long and Bronde

If you’d like a hairstyle that plays nicely with your color, there’s no better match for bronde than mermaid waves. Ultra long strands give your colorist room to stretch out, lovingly painting bright highlights and deep shadows on your hair. To keep your color looking beautiful between appointments, try Pureology’s Vinegar Rinse for dry color-treated hair.

Layered Bronde Hair

There’s no better solution for any length or color or hair than thoughtfully placed layers, which can create a sense of movement and depth on a wide range of textures. Not so sure if layers are the right choice for you? Consult with your hair professional before making any serious moves. He or she can walk you through the most flattering options, taking your lifestyle, texture, and styling skill into account.

Pin Straight and Bronde

We’ll come out and say it: Waves are tired. After years of beachy this and salt spray that, we’re ready for a flatiron revolution—one that starts with your trendy bronde ‘do. Try Kérastase’s L’Incroyable Blowdry Lotion, a miracle reshapable heat lotion that controls the look of frizz for 96 hours in 80 percent humidity.

Bronde Balayage

When you’re seeking hair that’s perfectly customized for your facial structure and mane texture, the right answer is always balayage. Hand-painted golden highlights will certainly brighten your complexion. A talented hair stylist will be able to use the bright streaks to contour your face, highlighting your favorite features and disguising the ones you don’t love.

Bronde Ombre

There’s no one way to do bronde, as evidenced by a popular ombre take on the shade. With extra-dark roots and bright blonde ends, your colorist will take your strands from one note to stunning in a single salon visit. If you’re starting with a naturally dark base, expect to return to the salon several times to ensure you’re getting the perfect shade while respecting the integrity of your hair.

Bronde Highlights

If you’re starting with very dark hair and don’t want to move entirely away from that chocolate-hued life, ask your colorist for bronde-inspired highlights. These breezy streaks should sit around your face and in areas the sun might naturally hit. Whether it’s summer or winter, bronde highlights are an excellent choice for the hair color newbies out there.

Bronde Babylights

Speaking of natural looking highlights, you may want to consider a babylight technique. This strategic application of brights is meant to mimic the way sun might have brightened your hair as a child. Paired with a tan and a smile, this look is summer vacation in a hair appointment. It will look effortless and chic—just like you!

Bronde Dip Dye

Okay, so putting “dip dye” and “bronde” together in the same sentence is something of an impossible equation. By definition, bronde hair color is all about gradual blending and a naturalistic finish. But, if you’re already working with dark roots and light ends, ask your colorist to blend the shades as little as possible.

Ashy Bronde

Ash is in, baby. The trendiest girls are wearing their hair matte and cool as can be, which means it’s only natural that we would take bronde there. Ask for a bronde that’s more of a matte beige tone, particularly if you have a pale complexion. To ensure your ashy bronde stays beautiful, make use of a shampoo like L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Silver Shampoo. It’s formulated with an anti-yellowing agent to neutralize yellow tones, leaving hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

Honey Bronde

For summertime, refresh your mane with a honey-colored take on bronde. Instead of white blonde or caramel-like highlights, you’ll be treated to a full head of textured golden delight.

Caramel Bronde

Women with medium or dark skin will love the look of caramel-based bronde, which brightens complexion and makes everybody look like they just returned from a tropical vacation. This shade is a do-no-wrong color, that’s for sure.

Strawberry Bronde

Where you’ll find strawberry blonde, you’re bound to also discover strawberry bronde. This moody cousin of red is all about the ashy orange notes with tasteful highlights and lowlights. Redheads, you’ll want to try this one out.

Coppery Bronde

Although it’s subtle, there is a marked difference between strawberry and copper bronde shades. Copper incorporates more golden brown than its fruit-inspired companion, creating a barely-there red shade that will look natural on a wide variety of complexions.

Autumn Bronde

It’s official: There isn’t a single play on bronde hair we don’t love. That’s particularly true for autumn bronde, a deep chocolate shade paired with dark blonde highlights. Seasonal transition color? Yes, please.

Cinnamon Swirl Bronde

Take a moment to visualize a cinnamon roll, all doughy and dark on the inside but pale gold on the outside. This shade—beloved by celebrities, we should note—is flattering and toasty. It’s the perfect choice for autumn or winter. To refresh your style between washes, make use of a dry shampoo that’s specially formulated for dark hair. We love Redken’s Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo For Brown Hair.

Pink Bronde

While your stylist has gone to all that effort to give you the perfect creamy blond ends, don’t be afraid to throw out the rulebook. Add a touch of pastel rose to your ends for an unexpected finish—one that will set your hair apart from everyone else’s. If you’re really feeling saucy, add some glitterage to your look.

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