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#HairGoals: 15 Stunning Photos of Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Curled Hair

Picture this: It’s been a long day at work, and you’re aimlessly scrolling through Instagram on your phone while waiting for the elevator to arrive. Amid the usual deluge of body, makeup, and beauty inspiration posts, you spot one photo that catches your eye: blue ombre hair. 

Of all the fanciful hair colors on the spectrum, blue seems the most universally appealing. It’s gender neutral and nonthreatening. You can wear shades so dark they’re almost black, or choose a whimsical pastel hue. By committing to an ombre technique, you’ll be able to try multiple shades at once or keep a touch of your natural color.

Need more convincing that blue ombre hair is a good decision? Don’t rely on Instagram. Look at our favorite styles, instead. You’ll be itching to go blue in no time at all.

Teal and Blue Ombre

If you’re not so much about the pastel shades, a teal and blue ombre is a smart choice. The color scheme is moody, so you won’t feel out of place with dark brunette or black roots that fade into teal and then true blue. When you’re tired of the duo color look, just ask your stylist to snip it away.

Midnight Blue Ombre

Midnight blue ombre is hair color combination made for ladies who want to try out a trend, but would rather not get the whole office talking about it. If you have naturally dark hair, you’ll be pleased by the way your color looks next to such a deep blue shade.

Peacock Ombre

Do you hide from color whenever possible? Is the closest thing to neon in your closet a jewel toned violet or magenta piece? In that case, peacock ombre hair is probably for you. Your colorist will leave dark roots, creating an emerald and sapphire blend that’s flattering and dynamic. It’s optimal for wear in any season, too.

Pastel Blue Ombre

On light brunette and dark blonde hair, shades of blue are a natural fit. We’re fairly obsessed with icy, pastel ends, which add edge to any hairstyle. For an even more dramatic look, talk to your colorist about a gray base tone. Your hair might look a little like a thunderstorm, but your mood will be endlessly sunny.

Turquoise Blue Ombre

Here’s another option that works well for dark hair. Turquoise flatters caramel and dark complexions, so it’s versatile for ladies of all skin tones. What’s more, even a little bit of this shade packs a punch. You don’t need very much to make a punchy statement. 

Aqua Ombre

When all's said and done, aqua is really just turquoise with extra pep. Still, we’ve seen plenty of professional colorists that make this shade a true standout in the world of blue ombre. When paired with midnight blue or black roots, it’s a stunner.

Mint Ombre

If you’re new to the world of pastels, mint is a smart choice. It shines when paired with both pale blonde and dark, ashy strands, which means there’s practically no going wrong. Plus, you’re less likely to run into someone with the same hair color if you try mint. Unlike true blue, we find that it mostly flies under the radar.

Mermaid Ombre

Can’t decide between aqua, turquoise, and mint? Don’t worry—you don’t have to. Mermaid ombre, which currently rules the social media world, blends all three shades for a marine take on blue ombre hair. On waist-length manes (or those with color matched extensions), this shade is all aquatic goodness. What’s more exciting than life as a mermaid?

Red, Blue, and Purple Ombre

Girls who love to make a statement, we’ve found the perfect blue ombre for you. To get this look, your colorist will apply burgundy at the roots before moving into violet and then cobalt. Because you’re dealing with vibrant shades, make sure you get a full hair care guide from your stylist. You’ll be grateful for it later.

Tie Dye Ombre

Summer is the ideal time to pay homage to your sleepover camp days, playing with a variety of well blended pastel colors. This technique works on both light blonde and dark hair, combining vibrant, neon hues to create the illusion of tie dye. If you’re an outspoken lady without a fear of bright color, this is the look for you.

Ash Blonde and Blue Ombre

We regularly see blonde and blue paired up, but it’s almost always a pastel mélange that’s barely present. As an alternative, we’d like to recommend pairing your ashy base with a true blue. The result is dynamic and statement making. Just make sure you’re ready for the maintenance this hair color will require.

Denim Ombre

For the last 12 months, the denim hair trend has been practically inescapable. Like your favorite pair of jeans, this take on faded blue-silver hair is so good you’ll want to wear it every day. We’d particularly recommend trying this shade on medium length hair, minimizing damage while maximizing impact.

Unicorn Ombre

While we’re on the subject of trendy hair techniques, we’d be remiss to leave unicorn ombre hair out of the fold. Instead of applying bright shades all over your head, your stylist will allow your platinum to fade into blue, pink, and yellow tones. You’ll be left with a pleasantly subtle ’do, which is a far cry from a full mane of neon.

Neon Blue Ombre

If you’re really committed to the blue lifestyle and don’t hold a position with a strict dress code, then it’s time for you to embrace neon. Whether your colorist works from a base of blonde or brown, you’re guaranteed to light up the room with vibrant cobalt hair. This ombre looks extra good in long waves, so embrace your length for this hairstyle.

Lilac and Blue Ombre

Every good conversation about pastel hair starts with lilac, a pinky blue shade that looks gorgeous alongside almost any other hue. To brighten your complexion, ask your colorist for lilac roots that fade gently into turquoise or cornflower. If you’ve already tried pastel pink in the past, lilac is an excellent color upgrade.

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