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15 Hair Colors That Make Blue Eyes Stand Out

best hair colors blue eyes
Blue eyed babes—it doesn’t take much more than a bronze eyeshadow and a liquid cat eye to enhance your already captivating eye color. If you’ve already mastered eye-catching makeup looks, however, it’s time to start thinking about other ways to enhance your eye color.

Whether you’re looking to try a dark brown hair color or something a little more on the wild side, these are the 15 best hair colors for blue eyes that are sure to make those baby blues pop.


The Best Hair Colors For Blue Eyes


Mushroom Blonde

Ash hair colors look stunning against fair skin tones and even better with blue eyes. If you’re looking for an ash blonde hair color to try, you can’t go wrong with mushroom blonde.

Sunkissed Blonde

Blue eyes paired with a bronzed glow are a killer combination. Add a sunkissed blonde hue into the mix to take your just-hit-the-beach look to the next level.


If you want a blonde hair color that’s as cool-toned as can be (and seriously complements your eye color), platinum blonde might be for you. The icy shade looks particularly great on those with porcelain complexions.

Once you commit to platinum blonde, purple shampoo and conditioner are must-haves for your hair care routine. We love the Redken Color Extend Blondage system. This toning and strengthening system will help keep your blonde brighter and healthier.


This spice-inspired color trend isn’t reserved for fall. Blue-eyed beauties can sport this stunning blend of copper, brunette, and blonde shades all year round.

Dark Chocolate

We’ll never get tired of hair colors inspired by our favorite sweets—especially when they’re as rich and shiny as dark chocolate hair. Whether your eyes are sky blue or on the deeper side, spring’s darkest (and most celeb-approved) hair color trend is sure to accentuate any shade of blue.

Golden Brown

Golden brown is one of the few hair colors that’s universally flattering. If you have a medium to dark skin tone with blue eyes, however, this warm-toned shade is a real knockout.

Caramel Highlights

Looking to add dimension and warmth to your dark brown hair color? Opt for caramel highlights to lighten and brighten your mane while seriously complementing your eye color. If you have tan skin, this is the combination you need to try!


Iridescent hair color is reflective and bold, just like your eye color! That’s why we recommend the gleaming hair trend to bring out the best in your blue eyes. Ask your colorist for a single iridescent shade or a rainbow look to really shake things up.


Why exactly do orange hair colors and blue eyes complement each other so well? Orange is directly across the color wheel from blue, making them complementary colors. The stark contrast between the two allows both your mane and your eye color to shine.


If you’re not ready to commit to a full head of bright orange hair, auburn is a classic, neutral shade that still falls in the orange color family.

Bright Red

The brighter the red hair, the better! Ask your colorist for this fire engine red to enhance your eye color and really turn heads.


Rose Gold

Already obsessed with rose gold bling? It’s officially time to meet rose gold hair color. Much like popping on a metallic rose gold eyeshadow, this gorgeous blend of gold, blonde, and pink will really make your eyes pop.


If you recently colored your hair black, you’re in luck! Your onyx locks and your light eye color create the perfect contrast—making them stand out like never before!

Dark hair colors look best when they have serious shine, so we recommend investing in the Biolage Sugar Shine Illuminating Mist. This shine illuminating spray helps smooth hair, tame flyaways, and provides heat damage protection from styling tools for a brilliant, glossy finish.


Whether you have pale skin or a dark complexion, magenta hair is the wild hair color you need to make your blue eyes shine bright. We recommend the Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner for maintaining high-maintenace colors.

Ice Blue

Blue eyes and blue hair? We’re all about it! If you’re searching for a statement-making color that’s wearable for every day, look no further than pastel blue.

Interested in more personalized hair color advice? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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