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12 Auburn Hair Colors That Complement Every Skin Tone

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Auburn-haired girls, you’re underrated. Redheads get all the attention and dark brown hair dominates the highlight conversation, but auburn hair color is really the shade that deserves attention. The red-brown shade doesn’t just add warmth to any skin tone, it glows and smolders like a fire that’s just about to go out.


If you like the shade but aren’t completely sold on a new hair color, give auburn highlights a try. They’re versatile and lovely on all shades, adding a little spice to any look. 


In case you needed any more convincing, auburn works well with a variety of skin tones. If you’re extremely pale and have always worn your natural copper hair, strawberry auburn is the perfect way to refresh your look. On the other hand, dark-skinned ladies who’ve been looking to add dimension to their hair should book an appointment for burgundy highlights immediately.


With a color this gorgeous, there’s very little room to go wrong.



We love the look of natural highlights, but we also love sitting in the shade. To mimic the look of sun-bleached auburn, ask your stylist for babylights that frame your face.


For summer, few colors are as gorgeous as ashy auburn. Like rose gold, it creates an effortless, “I woke up like this” aesthetic.

Red Wine

Would-be vixens may want to take red wine auburn for a spin, amping up the sex appeal on their hair color. If rubies and red-bottom stilettos appeal to you, so will this shade.

Deep Purple

Did someone say dark and mysterious? That’s exactly the vibe of this deep purple color, which adds a stormy accent to any head of dark hair.


Auburn purists, we haven’t forgotten about you! If your tastes lean more copper than eggplant, you’ll be happy to see this brown-influenced russet color.


Purplish auburn hair is juicy and colorful, a fashion color unlike any other. In order to make the most of your shade, we recommend wearing it with waves or curls to play with the way the light hits it.


If cotton candy hair leaves you wanting, trade it in for a more dynamic pink. Pink auburn’s red notes add depth to a color that can otherwise fall flat. No matter which way you wear it, this hue is bound to impress.


Redwood is a pastel purple shade for people who hate pastels. With its subtle hints of red, this shade is festival-ready and beach vacation-friendly.


Is your version of auburn more purple-influenced than red-inspired? If so, maroon hair color should be your next food. When applied as an accent color, it adds the perfect dose of grape-colored drama to your ‘do.


Auburn falls into a gorgeous middle ground between brown and red, one that flatters almost every complexion. As a starter shade, amber is an excellent choice because it’s basically an over-the-top brunette with red accents.


When in doubt about trying a new hair color, always opt for ombre or balayage. Instead of feeling tied to root touch-up appointments, you’ll be able to grow out your accent color in peace.

Deep Red

Deep red auburn hair color is a fantastic choice right as summer hits. This copper-influenced look is punchy and vibrant on short hair.

Black Cherry

Black cherry is a moody, deeply purple version of auburn that we love to see on long, shiny hair. When the light catches your mane just right, you’ll be treated to aubergine highlights.


Many people think of neon red and pastel pink when they consider the entire color family, but that’s skipping the entire cherry realm. This beautifully dark shade looks beautiful on waves and curls.

Dark Chestnut

Moody girls will love chestnut auburn, a deep brown with red accents that’s perfectly suited to fall and winter. When summer comes to an end and you’re looking to go darker, chestnut is the way to go.

Rose Gold

In recent years, the coolest hair colors have all been muted. That ashy, subtle quality echoes them minimalist trend we’ve seen develop in fashion. Instead of wearing a flashy magenta, try a low key rose gold.


We don’t often talk about sunset hair color as a kind of auburn, but some versions run more toward red, orange, and yellow shades. If you’re in possession of an auburn that’s faded and ready for replacement, talk to your stylist about sunset.



Mahogany is to auburn what honey is to blonde: a rich, luscious shade that flatters the complexion and looks good on every skin tone. Try it on a blunt lob for added drama.

Dark Auburn

Deep chocolate hair may seem impossible to make multidimensional, but that’s not the case. Dark auburn highlights on brown or black hair add a peppery touch, creating the illusion of extra depth and texture.

Auburn is (somewhat famously) a shade that’s gorgeous on women of color. If you have dark or medium skin, go for it. You’ll find that dark auburn is the extra nudge your hair has always needed to truly attain bombshell status. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Burgundy Auburn

Like the wine that’s its namesake, burgundy auburn is full bodied and rich in color. The red-purple shade brings juicy, fruity notes to dark brown hair. The shade looks beautiful on dark skin tones, so what’s stopping you from taking it for a spin?

While this shade fits a variety of colors and styles, we like to see it on longer manes. It’s a very feminine color, which makes mesh well with curled or wavy styles—the more romantic, the better.

Chocolate Auburn

Unlike its wine-inspired cousin, chocolate auburn leans toward true brown. This makes it an ideal choice for very dark brown hair, where it can add dimension to an otherwise monotone ’do.

For extra depth, ask your stylist to pair your chocolate auburn streaks with golden pieces. The added blonde will create high points in your hair, making it look thicker and more textured.

Purple Auburn

Are you ready to take your hair in a vampy direction? Purple auburn is about to be your new best friend. The opulent shade plays well in very dark hair, adding a whimsical twist to any mane. 

To get the most out of this look, ask your hair professional for multiple shades of purple layered throughout the hair. We like the varied look this creates, which is a little edgier than your average set of highlights.

Light Auburn

When it comes to hair, not every woman wants flash. Some ladies would rather aim for a color that’s rich and vibrant, one that makes every day the best hair day they’ve ever had. 

If that’s the case for you, choose light auburn highlights to add shimmer to your ’do. The shade hints at copper without going overboard, making it ideal for every skin tone. It’s flattering and gorgeous, perfect for every season.

Brown Auburn

Here’s another pick that won’t lead you astray. Brown auburn, a shade that’s more toffee than ruby red, is a flattering highlight for all shades of dark brown. 

To get the most out of this color, ask your stylist to place highlights around your face. The bright shade will lighten up your look.

Light Brown Auburn

Take it up another notch with touches of light brown auburn throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. On medium and dark brown hair, the caramel-like shade mimics strands that’ve been naturally bleached by the sun.

Want the look of a long vacation while you’re still spending long days at the office? Light brown auburn is for you.

Copper Auburn

If you’re a natural redhead who’s been hunting for a way to make your color a little zestier, copper auburn highlights are the right move to make. The warm red shade breathes new life into dark red hair. (It’ll even do the same for medium brown hues!) 

We like copper auburn highlights to perk up your mane before spring or summer.

Ginger Auburn

Like copper auburn, ginger highlights add brightness and a summery tint to red hair. However, this shade is even brighter, adding punchiness to medium brown and red hair. 

To really illuminate your mane, ask your stylist to add true or strawberry blonde highlights alongside the ginger. On long hair, the result is striking and fresh.

Strawberry Auburn

By now, we’re deep into the land of hair colors named after food. We’re partial to strawberry auburn, which walks the thin line between red, blonde, and brown. In other words, it’s a workhorse of a shade that suits a range of skin tones.

We like to see this shade used to highlight warm, brown base colors as well as dark and light red manes. There’s not a single style that strawberry auburn can’t make a little more special.

Chestnut Auburn

Talk about a universally flattering highlight color. Chestnut auburn, a medium-brown hair color that incorporates notes of red and gold, is the perfect choice to enliven dark brown hair. While some deep shades can feel a little one-note, chestnut auburn breathes new life into those flat locks. 

On long layers, chestnut auburn is a no-fail choice. Ask your stylist to place a few around your face and throughout your mane, to bring a little extra brightness to your face.



Auburn falls into a gorgeous middle ground between brown and red, one that flatters almost every complexion. As a starter shade, amber is an excellent choice because it’s basically an over-the-top brunette with red accents.

Caramel Auburn

Need to add a little sweetness to your hairdo? In that case, caramel auburn is your best choice. The golden-red shade is flattering on brown, red, and black hair. Notably, it also suits all complexions.

If you’re looking for highlight shade that brings out the best in very pale or very dark skin, caramel auburn is the answer. We love the sweet, unexpected notes it brings to hair.


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