Texture Type 8 (Zig-Zag Coiled)

Texture Type 8 (Zig-Zag Coiled)

Texture Type 8: Zig Zag Coiled 4C

  • TEXTURE: Extremely tight Afro- Interlocking coils and zig-zag patterns..
  • GROWTH PATTERN:Coils directly from scalp but tight at base.
  • BODY / VOLUME: More Volume than body.t
  • ELASTICITY: Stretching with immediate spring back.
  • POROSITY: Raised cuticle. Frizzy, tangled, with some knots. Super resistant to absorption..

Texture Type 8, is often characterized as an extremely tight afro, interlocking coils and zig-zag pattern. Also, known as Curl Type 4C. If your Texture tends to grow directly from the scalp in the zig-zag patterns it will fall in this category.

Texture Maintenance with Texture Type 8;Maintain with 25 Miracle Milk for Prep. Style with True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly. Finish with 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil. Rake and Twist Coil Jelly through wet hair and let air dry for ultimate results.


Tightly coiled textures, such as texture type 8 need the perfect balance of protein and moisture. We often style-shift and change our looks season to season with protective styles and noteworthy texture loving afros.