Texture Type 4 (Curly)

Texture Type 4 (Curly)

Texture Type 4 Curly 3B

  • TEXTURE: Defined, mixed curl patterns. Loops to spirals, ringlets to corkscrews.
  • GROWTH PATTERN:Grows down from scalp in mixed pattern curls
  • BODY / VOLUME: Natural bounce, easy to create volume.
  • ELASTICITY: Stretching with moderate spring-back.
  • POROSITY: Slightly raised to raised cuticle. Likely to frizz. Moderate absoprtion.

Texture Type 4, is often characterized as very curly, mixed curl patterns of loop to spirals to ringlets to corkscrews. Also, known as Curl Type 3B. If your Texture tends to,grow down from the scalp in these mixed curl patterns then keep your strands in this category.

Texture Maintenance with Texture Type 4;Maintain with 25 Miracle Milk for Prep. Style with True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion. Scrunch product into hair and diffuse upside down.