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Poetic Rhythm

Poetic Rhythm

History repeats itself - The 1970's are Back!

But don't be discouraged! For all you people who lived through it the first time, this time we're bringing it back with a bang! Afros are coming in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. After taking a look at the trends, Natural hair is at the top of the kilter. That's right! Get to know the true you, and embrace your curl. The only way to maintain a naturally curly look, the right way, is by using the right product. I recommend Mizani.

Mizani is the renowned authority on textured hair. It makes sense that they would come out with a line of products that will accommodate all textures of hair. A Mizani product I highly recommend is True Textures. TrueTextures is not only the name, but that's what it's all about! It's about playing with, manipulating and creating texture on all hair types.

To create an asymmetrical "fro", one might otherwise "shape it". Well a cut isn't necessary, if you have True Texture's Moisture Stretch and Perfect Curl, you have the ability to create what I like to call "Mizani Magic"!

To start the curl defining process, you must first prepare the hair with True texture's sulphate free curl balance shampoo, and conditioner. Next, apply a generous amount of Perfect curl on the side you want to appear shorter, and apply Moisture Stretch on the side that you want to look longer.

To finish, use your fingers, to twist and piece out the hair, let it dry naturally and top it off with Mizani Shyne.

Darico Jackson

Mizani Design Team Specialist

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