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"Formal Hair Season"

Proms and weddings are a busy business, and Mizani is going to make sure you're prepared. Formal hairstyling and up-do's seem impossible for some, but with the right styling tools and great products, you can make "Mizani Magic" that's easy for everyone. The focus is still natural hair, and what better products to make it happen than the Mizani "True Textures" line.

When you're styling natural hair for formal events, you want to take into consideration the hair type, texture and length so you can decide what products to use and whether or not you will need extensions to complete the look. Because of the various types of natural curl patterns, you have the freedom of creative expression, without the use of curling or flat irons. The absence of heating tools will keep the hair healthy and also save time. Let your texture work for you!

Here are a few helpful tips that will carry you through your styling process:

First you must plan your design based on the curl type. The only way to determine the varies curl types is to look at the "Mizani Natural Curl Key". The Natural curl key is the most revolutionary tool you can ever use. It offers you an opportunity to define your curl type from type one, being the straightest in textured hair, through a type eight being the tightest natural curl. I like to refer to the Natural curl key as the Bible of Natural hair. Not only does it give you curl and texture definitions, but it's also a guide of the Mizani products that are best used with that hair types.

"If you need a 'Natural Curl Key'... Just ask for it!"

Once you determine what Mizani products are best used with the type of hair you're working with, the rest of the styling process is going to be a breeze. To create these looks, prepare the hair with Supreme Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to add extra elasticity and shine. Next, spray D'Tangle on the hair and blow dry loosely to stretch out some of the curl. Apply Supreme Oil. After that, use True Textures Curl Set to smooth the hair into a ponytail. (placement and number of ponytails are determined by you.) Finally, use the hair extended from ponytail(s) to create bun(s). Use extensions if needed for length or fullness. Seal the deal with Mizani Shyne and the rest is history.

Darico Jackson

Mizani Design Team Specialist

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