Natural Hairstyle Tips & Trends
Black Hair Curly hair style

Poetic Rhythm

History repeats itself - The 1970's are Back!

But don't be discouraged! For all you people who lived through it the first time, this time we're bringing it back with a bang! Afros are coming in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. And, after taking a look at the trends, Natural hair is at the top of the kilter. That's right! Get to know the true you, and embrace your curl. The only way...

Black Hair Smooth hair style


"Formal Hair Season"

Proms and weddings are a busy business, and Mizani is going to make sure you're prepared. Formal hairstyling and up-do's seem impossible for some, but with the right styling tools and great products, you can make "Mizani Magic" that's easy for everyone. The focus is still natural hair, and what better products to make it happen...

Brown Hair Smooth hair style


Prom is out of the way and it’s time to start preparing for Graduations, Weddings, Red carpets and Vacations. There are lots of things to take into consideration at this time of year but one of the primary factors in this season is HUMIDITY. Humidity is the "Style Killer", and finding...

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