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Roller Set Lacer Curls

Roller Set Lacer Curls


Ask your stylist to showcase a trio of terrific textures with a lacer set.Mizani Lacers create fun free formed curls with great definition and hold.

  • Mizani True Textures Curl Balance Shampoo provides sulfate-free benefits to keep your natural hair vibrant and healthy looking.

  • For a quick texture boost and to add extra spring to curl, create a nightcap with a small amount of Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch and double strand twist the hair. Wear a satin bonnet at night to preserve moisture and curl formation.

  • If your hair feels dry, take a pea-sized amount of Mizani True Textures Perfect Curl between your fingers and twirl it through the ends or pull it through the lengths to add moisture and eliminate frizz.

  • To refresh your curls throughout the day mist Mizani Curl Recharge to revitalize and moisturize your curls.
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