Damaged/Color-Treated hair - Whether you are a Naturalista, or wearing your hair in a relaxed or color treated hairstyle, assessing the overall condition of your hair is critical.  When managing damage, the Mizani Custom Blend Conditioning Treatment allows your stylist to customize an intense treatment specific for the needs of any hair that is out of balance, including color-treated tresses. Your Mizani Stylist will utilize the Custom Blend Wheel to diagnose your hair condition and the appropriate formula unique to your hair type and condition.


Whether your hair is naturally curly and highly textured to relaxed or transitioning, assessing the overall condition of your hair is critical. MIZANI offers a variety of specialized treatments formulated to strengthen and repair the hair. 

In Swahili the word “MIZANI” means balance and refers to the central concept behind the brand. All of the products are formulated to work gently to balance the levels of moisture and protein in the hair, ensuring that it is endowed with the strength and flexibility it needs to stay healthy looking and beautiful.

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